One Reality

The second company we visited was One Reality, a company focused on working with Virtual Reality (VR). We met CEO and founder, Mats Eliasson that showed us around the world of VR. The reason Mats founded One Reality is because he felt that VR creates a connection between different kinds of important values of today, such as smartphones, radio, TV, environmentally friendly funds and much more.

An example of One Reality’s VR test programs/games.

The general idea that One Reality has is to make it much easier for most businesses to work. An example could be that a company that wants to build a new building, can first sketch the building in VR and then show it to people so that they can go inside the house without it eve being built yet. This way, the buyer can get a better view of what is to come and/or be built and the manufacturer can build a model in the exact same environment and landscape as the reality in VR. Another example could be that you would be able to use the VR that One Reality makes in an academic use too. If for example, a student is studying to become a surgeon, he or she can use VR to train and get e better understanding of what is to come. This exact function can also be used in medicinal use where the doctors can go through the operation with first themselves and also the patient. This means that the patient then can see what the doctors are going to do and then possibly be more relaxed.

One Reality’s goal is to innovate VR in different subjects other than gaming. Just as stated above, VR can be used in many ways from architecture to general studies. One reality believes that using VR business will become much easier to understand and present so as academical achievements and also the environmental questions. VR is an extremely fascinating and new way of looking at things from new and different perspectives and that’s what One Reality tries to work on. Instead of using it for only a single thing such as gaming, why not use it in a way that can be remarkably useful too?

orbit_3_gc_from_malmo_skurup570986We were at One Reality’s office, located in Malmö, Sweden. There we got the opportunity to play around with VR. We got to play a small and simple game that One Reality has created and also some other games that Vibe – the VR tools that One Reality uses – has created. We both thought it was extremely fun and interesting trying the VR. It was
impressive to see how it felt so realistic to be in the game, it felt like you were actually there. Playing horror games with VR would be haunting! Anyways, we also got to see a beta version of one of One Reality’s programs that they are currently working on. This beta will show different sources of for example energy, traffic, air traffic etc. Because
it’s only still a beta it can only show at the moment small parts of Malmö and Copenhagen.orbit_3_gc_malmo_norternharbour570985

We loved our stay at One Reality and we were dazzled of how far the company has come since their start in July 2016! Even tho the office in Malmö is very small, we had a very nice time. Mats showed us around the business of everything and also some of the techs. We also had a great time during our small lunch break where we talked a little and had a very nice meal – thanks to you too Mats who paid for one of our lunches. We also would like to thank Mats for taking care of us and letting us see how their company work.

Because of the fact that we also tried Uniti’s VR, we got the question from One Reality if we could maybe compare their VR to Uniti’s and so we did! First of all, Uniti uses a program called Unity (no pun intended) while One reality uses a program called Unreal Engine (UE). When trying them both, we didn’t see any big difference at all, but maybe that’s only good because then companies might be able to work together to create something brilliant while using different programs. However, after a little bit of googling, we found out that UE has blueprint while Unity needs a little more programming. Unfortunately, we can not give a very good comparison between the two programs but if you’re interested, Google it! You’ll probably find it there ;).

Don’t forget to check out One Reality’s Website and all their social media links such as YouTube where you can find a more detailed version of what One Reality is working on:








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